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Ilsa grew up in the boat-centric town of Port Townsend, and began commercial fishing at around the same time her mom gave her this bowl cut. Her dad ran a commercial fishing boat and she and her sisters were onboard every summer until he retired. She continued returning to Alaska in summer to work on various boats until she and Bjorn decided to get an operation of their own.

Halibut png.png
Ilsa as a little kid holding a salmon in the fish hold of her father's commercial fishing boat
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Bjorn grew up in a farmhouse on Bainbridge Island and spent many afternoons of his childhood at the end of the local pier with a fishing pole in hand, rocking a mullet that he had cut himself. When he was a teenager, he made his first journey to Alaska to go longlining for halibut with a local Bainbridge family. He fell in love with fishing and transitioned to work on commercial salmon fishing boats which he has been doing ever since.  


Lingcod png.png
Bjorn and Conor fishing with Charlie on the Intreped


Fishing in Alaska is where we met, fell in love and decided to build a life together rooted in a shared connection to salmon. In 2017, after over a decade of working on larger salmon fishing vessels, we made the leap and bought the Eyvindr, a gillnetter that we could operate on our own. We wanted to run a smaller, simpler operation where we could have control over how and where the fish were caught. In 2021 we decided to start a business selling some of our catch directly to customers in the pacific northwest. We believe that creating small scale, direct markets for fish is a crucial step in protecting the longevity of the fishing industry and the health of the ecosystems that support us.

Bjorn captaining his salmon fishing gillnetter in southeast Alaska
Ilsa admiring the beautiful wild Alaskan sockeye salmon that were just caught
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